Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alaska Caper - Day 28

July 1, 2007
Posted by: Dick Wilson

Start: Smithers, BC
Destination: McBride, BC
Miles traveled: 367

While packing the bikes today, we met Mr. Frank Ritcey, who was staying at the same motel. He is a big game and fishing outfitter, along with his partner, Lloyd Bishop, who performs cowboy songs in the Northern Rockies with their group–The Birch Island String Band. He gave us a CD that they had recently produced as well as a DVD of their hunt at Christina Falls. I was tempted to sign up for a hunt on the spot, but better judgement dictated otherwise; however, I would like to consider a hunting or fishing trip with him in the near future. He talked about lakes in which the bull trout had "never seen a hook." After getting a taste of the quality of fishing at Iskut, in a lake adjacent to the "main highway," I can imagine what fishing might be like in a remote fly-in location. (Picture, right, Smithers, BC)

Today, we put some serious miles behind us as we headed down the Yellow Head Highway. We stopped at Prince George and then proceeded to McBride, BC. We were still traveling in mountainous country, although there was a significant amount of flat land in which they were growing alfalfa and had livestock. McBride is a very small town, but it has a beautiful backdrop of mountains. We ate dinner at the Sun Valley Restaurant. Seeing this, I knew we must be getting closer to home.

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