Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alaska Caper - Day 29

July 2, 2007
Posted by: Dick Wilson

Start: McBride, BC
Destination: Lake Louise, AB
Miles traveled: 246

We loaded our bikes and headed for Jasper,AB. It was another ride with spectacular snow-capped mountains. We stopped in Jasper only long enough to gas up. Both Steve and I felt this was somewhat of a honkey-tonk tourist trap. We then headed to Icefields Highway. We had not intended to stop and take pictures, as we had both been on this road in the past but much later in the season. This time of year the mountains are still heavily snowcapped, and the overall appearance of the landscape is much different than either Steve or I recall. "Growing mini creeks" were coming off the mountain side with cascading waterfalls produced by the spring runoff. We could not resist stopping to photograph these seasonal wonders. There was a fair amount of traffic on the Icefields Highway. It came to a screeching halt just short of Lake Louise when gawking tourists blocked the highway to watch a small black bear feed and then retreat into the timber. We were greeted at the Mountaineer Lodge by Bob Drake and Jerry Evangelho. Bob and Jerry are part of the Boise "motor cycle gang." We have done yearly trips for several years. They had made a short loop from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, up through Western Canada and had graciously adjusted their schedule to ride home to Boise with me. We had dinner at the Railroad Restaurant, which is the old train station for the Canadian Pacific Railroad in Lake Louise. The food was excellent, although a $14.50 hamburger pushes the envelope a bit. Steve had a good opportunity to talk to Bob and Jerry about airplanes. All of them are avid pilots with incredible but varying flight experiences. I always find these discussions very interesting and informative, although my knowledge of airplanes and piloting would fit comfortably on the head of a small pin. We turned in early in anticipation of some serious riding the next day.

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